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Portrait of Matthew Abadi

Matthew Abadi is a glass artist based in Portland, Oregon by way of Washington, DC where at the age of 27 he first witnessed glass being made by hand. Captivated by the process, and the warmth and glow of the material in its fluid state, Matthew moved his life to the Pacific Northwest to pursue an education in the craft finding work as a freelance glassmaker, artist assistant and apprentice under mentor Lynn Everett Read.

Matthew believes in the deep relationship that exists between humans and the objects and environments we inhabit. Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as friendship, nature, the built landscape, and the broad field of design, he creates works which draw attention to the subtle joys of form, color and surface using the glassblowing process.

Works available through CANOE, FREDERICKS & MAEMANTELOK, STORIED OBJECTSVETRI, and YONDER. For commissions please email. Or, follow on Instagram

Photo contributions herein courtesy of Brittany V. Wilder, Caleb Gaskins, and Ellie Baygulov

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