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Handblown Glass by Matthew Abadi


Handcrafted with longevity in mind, each glass object is a reflection of the hands that made them and shares the unique story of its manufacture. Tool marks, small pockets of air, slight variations in color, form, and size are all indications of their human qualities. As with all natural materials, proper care and mindfulness will ensure your piece lasts a lifetime. 


Hand wash glass in lukewarm water using a mild detergent soap. Harsh chemicals and acid cleaners are likely to etch the surface of your glass over time, resulting in a dull finish. Avoid using abrasive scrubs that might scratch the glass surface. Air Dry. 

Handmade furnace glass is not as resistant to high temperatures and sudden thermal changes as cooking grade glassware; dishwashers, open flames, and temperatures approaching the boiling point of water are all foes of your blown glass wares. 


While glass is hard and incredibly durable, it can be damaged by materials of equal or greater hardness. Avoiding sudden impact with other objects, such as dropping or stacking, will prevent the sadness of broken glass. 


Most importantly, find usefulness in your glassware and let it bring you joy.

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